THANK YOU for selecting Southern Oregon Patient Awareness Center. We offer the lowest prices for OMMP Patients in Southern Oregon.  We provide YOU safe, reliable, customized care of YOUR health needs and assist YOU in qualifying for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Our physicians are Licensed Specialists and have been in practice for years. We have a wonderful Staff on board, who have over 20 years experience advocating for Medical Marijuana Rights and legalization efforts.  Our office staff are CPR/First Aid/HIPPAA certified professionals.  We truly care about U and your role in the commUnity.  Our experience of over 10 years working within other local clinics, our knowledge and true compassion put us above the rest.   Browse through our website, if you have questions just call. We pay great attention to the quality of our services. Hours are Monday thru Friday 10am to 5pm & Saturdays by appointment only.  FREE Medical Record Reviews.  Discounts available for Low Income patients, Veterans, and Loyalty rewards.  Telephone 541.779.1448 FAX 541.779.1665

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